Dan reported to me as a Principal Consultant for MarkLogic for 18 months before successfully transitioning to a Technical Account Manager role for a strategic client. His technical acumen is matched only by his ability to explain difficult concepts to varied groups of stakeholders, and his delivery of challenging solutions is that rarest of combinations - both fast and correct. I enthusiastically endorse and recommend Dan.
Sean Mills, Director of Consulting, US Central, March 30, 2017
Dan is a first-class consultant and an all-round Good Guy. Our paths first crossed on the conference circuit. Dan is an extremely knowledgeable and able presenter, and he also did a lot of the heavy lifting in making conferences happen. I was very happy to hear he'd joined MarkLogic as a Consultant - he can do so much more than just write code.
Stephen Buxton, Senior Director of Product Management, US Central, March 30, 2017
Dan worked for me in the MarkLogic healthcare team. Dan has a passion for helping our healthcare customers understand the benefits of MarkLogic. He went above and beyond the call of duty to not only build proof-of-concept applications for our customers, but to help everyone within MarkLogic understand the role of metadata management. I hope I can work with Dan again in the future.
Jerry Rickers, Director of Heathcare and Life Sciences, March 30, 2017
Dan and I have worked in lockstep for nearly two years across multiple accounts at MarkLogic. Years before meeting Dan, I had read his book "Making Sense of NoSQL" and it helped me to build a foundation of knowledge of our industry. I was ecstatic to work alongside the legend himself. Just like his book, when speaking with Dan you learn something new every several sentences. His technical acumen is unrivaled. What's not conveyed in his writing is how incredibly thoughtful and personable Dan is to be around. Anytime I was in town, Dan made time to take me out to lunch and make sure I was doing well. It is said that people don't work for companies -- they work for other great people. To that end, I hope I have the chance to be on a team with Dan again one day.
Robert Szkutak, Senior Consultant at MarkLogic, March 30, 2017
Developer Community Manager at MarkLogic I worked with Dan as MarkLogic's Community Manager while he was consulting with one of our major customers. Dan brought a thorough understanding of MarkLogic's technology and combined that with a commitment to understanding the problems the customer was trying to solve. Based on his understanding, he was able to make sound architectural recommendations. He also organized educational events to help the customer's employees understand the technology. I'd be happy to work with Dan again.
David Cassel, Developer Community Manager at MarkLogic, March 30, 2017
I first met Dan because he had one of the best presentations on NoSQL Databases. Hiring him was a real coup for MarkLogic.
Jason Hunter, CTO Asia-Pacific at MarkLogic, March 30, 2017
I worked with Dan in the healthcare vertical at MarkLogic. He has made the full round-trip from committed relational/SQL developer to enlightened post-relational/NoSQL advocate. He understands the value and the power, and is great at explaining both to clients and partners.
Rob Lawrence, Partner Relationship Management at MarkLogic, March 30, 2017
I have relied on Dan as a subject matter expert on uses of NoSQL, MarkLogic, metadata, and other related topics, particularly in the healthcare and life sciences industries. He is not only extremely knowledgeable but also a delight to work with - always enthusiastic about his work, willing to share ideas, and very patient in explaining complex technical concepts so that others can understand.
Alicia Sala, Product and Solution Marketing at MarkLogic, March 30, 2017
U.S. Healthcare IT Group Executive at MarkLogic In technology you rarely get a chance to work with a person that is as personable as they are technically proficient. Dan is one of those rare people and it is an absolute pleasure to work with him.

Dan has led and successfully delivered very strategic pre-sales and post-sales consulting engagements for one of my top healthcare clients (a top 5 payer and health services company). I am 100% comfortable with Dan's solution identification and development skills, his presentation skills, and his excellent client relationship management. Dan is one of the few people I trust to interact with clients on his own without involving a sales / relationship manager. He cares deeply about his clients, company (integrated account team) and their mutual success.

Several key wins have happened, or opportunities have been generated, due to Dan's natural curiosity, credibility and trust he has built in understanding client strategies, goals, pains and developing solutions to help achieve them.

Dan is an "A-list" IT consulting talent and even better person. He goes the extra mile to mitigate risk (both technical and process) and ensure success, positive results and satisfaction. In return, I go the extra mile for him when he asks because he's earned it.
Bill Gaynor, MBA, CHIE, U.S. Healthcare IT Group Executive at MarkLogic, March 30, 2017
Dan is a pleasure to work with and extremely knowledgeable in the area of big data and associated structures and frameworks. Every time I spoke to Dan, I was presented with the opportunity to learn something new as he is always looking for way to innovate beyond the tools which are currently available. Dan will certainly be a tremendous asset to any team he is part of
Thomas McGrath, Senior Solutions Specialiast at MarkLogic, March 30, 2017
I worked alongside Dan for nearly six months on a Minneapolis-based MarkLogic project. Dan was a great leader and fantastic co-worker. He has exceptional communication skills as well as an impressive knowledge of NoSQL technologies. Dan was a fantastic ambassador for MarkLogic and well-liked by all his co-workers.
Richard Kennedy Consultant at MarkLogic, March 30, 2017
Dan was my lead on a project that combined the need for many diverse skills. Dan's understanding of the software architecture in general and distributed computing, in particular, is commendable. He leads the effort of setting up a very complex multi-tier, a multi-vendor innovative product that provides document enrichment and information discovery over the REST in a very short time. I was always amazed to see his thorough understanding of document modeling, metadata management, content enrichment, and semantics. I hope I would get another opportunity to learn from Dan, the charismatic thought leader. I wish him all the very best in his future endeavors.
Sanju Thomas, Senior Consultant at MarkLogic, March 30, 2017
I had the privilege to work with Dan for 3 months. Dan has a extensive experience in applying data science technology to solve business problems in the health care. In my short experience with him I had learnt so much under his mentorship. Dan is a great leader to have on a team.
Banu Bhandaru, Senior Consultant at MarkLogic, March 30, 2017
Dan is exceptionally intelligent and great to work with. I could count on him to verify messaging and value propositions -- he was always certain to provide the customer's point of view in an engaging manner.
Diane Burley, Chief Content Strategist, March 30, 2017
Dan was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. His immediate and thorough analysis of our requirement showed his breadth of expertise in the subject. When Dan arrived on site to work through the implementation, he patiently explained all the aspects of the project and synchronized to our knowledge level in order to gain maximum efficiency in completing the project together.

Dan has the rare skill of combining technical expertise with incredible business and inter-personal interfacing skills. He has been always diligent in providing services for our company and invested in the cause of increasing productivity and simplifying business operations. We would not hesitate to hire Dan again and always maintain an open ear for his suggestions
John Hibscher, Mindware, November 9, 2010
Dan is an expert when it comes to helping an organization get a grip on all of its complicated bits of data. He is very personable and has a teachable point of view drawn upon years of experience. If I ever have a large project requiring strong leadership to bring order to data - Dan will get the call.
Mark Coleman, Vice President, Thrivent Financial, September 22, 2008
Dan's breadth and depth of knowledge around Business Intelligence Data Structures and Systems is impressive. He is well studied in this area and welcomes the opportunity to teach others. Dan did a great job of listening to the business needs and addressing them with creative architectural solutions. He was a joy to work with!
Marie Brenden, September 22, 2008
I had the pleasure of working with Dan at Thrivent Financial on the PACE program. The original project I was to work on was put on hold and so I had the opportunity to work with Dan on a Metadata Registry he was creating with XForms and XQuery. I had not worked with those technologies before and he spent a lot of time with me training me. He was an extremely good mentor and very patient with me as I learned more.

Dan's knowledge of metadata, XML, OLAP cubes, and services is extremely impressive. He is one of the most knowledgeable architects I've ever had the opportunity to work with in my career. I would highly recommend him! I hope I have the opportunity to work with him again in the future!
David Wenell, November 9, 2008
Dan is one of the most intelligent and enjoyable people I have worked with in the past 5 years. His depth of knowledge in data architecture is astounding, particularly in meta data, XML and business intelligence. He always brings a fresh enthusiasm to his work, and blends his experience with a broad understanding of industry standards and trends. While primarily a data architect, he is constantly looking for ways to apply new technologies, like Web Services or metadata registries, to his solutions. And he is an excellent teacher, capable of helping others understand new concepts and apply them effectively. It would be an honor to work with him again in the future.
Mark Skweres, August 12, 2008
Dan has consistently impressed me with his ability to dig deeply into new areas and to synthesize new knowledge. We worked together at Syntactica and co-presented a half-day tutorial at the Semantic Technologies Conference in 2009. Dan was professional, competent and easy to work with on both occasions.
David Wood, July 28, 2010
Dan was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. His immediate and thorough analysis of our requirement showed his breadth of expertise in the subject. When Dan arrived on site to work through the implementation, he patiently explained all the aspects of the project and synchronized to our knowledge level in order to gain maximum efficiency in completing the project together.

Dan is one of the most influential persons in my professional career: teaching me the importance of semantics and meta-data, the power of declarative thinking and showing me the road ahead. Grounded in solid theory, Dan is a brilliant but pragmatic entrepreneur,architect,developer and teacher with bottomless empathy towards all people with an equally grand appetite for learning and change. It is both an honor and a pleasure to work with Dan. I would jump at any opportunity to work with or for him again.
Arun Batchu, May 9, 2007
Dan's influence on our work on the Tri-State Longitudinal Data Systems project has been massive. To call him a visionary is only part of the story. He is, of course. His energy is infectious, his reasoning and business case is clear, and he can back it up with code.
Par Jason Engle, June 29, 2006
If you want to know what's next, watch Dan's moves. He has an uncanny way of knowing what the next big thing is. Object oriented development, meta-data... By the time you realize you need it, he's already an expert and published thought leader in it.
Max Roesler, April 3, 2006
Dan was an outstanding member of the Thrivent architecture team, focused on the re-alignment of a project to match the businesses needs. He showed superior vision as it pertained to the organization and communication of information to our users. With a great amount of patience, Dan educated, and informed personnel across multiple layers of our organization, the benefits of an architecture driven by simple processes, and clear metadata.
Jason Taylor, September 1, 2008
Dan continues to be a great mentor and an excellent teacher. He continues to have a holistic understanding of our software needs, best practices, and industry trends. More importantly, he always frames things from a value and business perspective with metaphors which make the technology much easier to learn. He's very forward thinking in his software architecture and also his dedication to fostering understanding in us younger consultants. I've been lucky to learn from the best.
Matt Steele, July 25, 2008
Dan is a versatile and top quality information specialist. His work for me at the department positioned our agency to develop new data models that permit enhanced services and data analysis not previously possible. He understanding of industry trends and emerging technologies will be especially important to organizations intending to exploit market opportunites based on technology leadership. I highly recommend Dan for advanced information analysis positions. His leadership style is flexible and his communications skills are outstanding.
John Paulson, September 20, 2008
Dan developed innovative XDoclet templates and ant scripts for a complex Comprehensive Incident Based Reporting System data model including sample data for data dictionary reports and test scripts. His knowledge of semantic concepts and tools were an invaluable asset. His training materials allowed us to quickly bring new hires and vendors up to speed on the complex environment and subject matter.
Leila Tite, November 29, 2005
Dan benchmarked information integrity assurance best practices for this inter-regional network prototype. Dr. Bill Estrem at University of St. Thomas was his future thought leadership learning mentor. Collaborating with Dan to help transform this knowledge management learning organization was a social captial reinvesting bonus.
Bob-RJ Burkhart, February 5, 2010
At Integrity Solutions, I worked among the best and brightest minds I've ever worked with, and Dan was integral in building that team. His broad knowledge base and clear technical vision gave the company a clear direction forward and served as a set of selection criteria for potential recruits during a period of major growth; During my 3 years there we went from under 10 people to approximately 50. Some of us used to joke that Dan would hire anybody who came into his office, but the flip-side of the joke was that Dan seemed to truly have a knack for pre-selecting people who would do a great job for the company; the slouches never made it to his office!
Jack Nutting, January 13, 2009
Dan was always able to get the best out of the people who reported to him by his leadership skills. I hope to have opportunities to work with Dan in the future.
Loren Cahlander, November 22, 2008
Dan has a greater capacity for sharing his vision and enthusiasm for technology than anyone I've ever known. It was his lecture before my object-oriented programming course in college that sealed the deal on my career in tech, and as my boss and mentor in my first job after college, he provided encouragement and direction as I first began exploring ways of solving technical problems. Any success I've had in my career can be attributed largely to the experiences I had working with him and the other outstandingly smart people at Integrity Solutions, and I'll always be grateful for that opportunity.
Chris Kottom, November 10, 2008
Dan was the guiding force behind what retrospectively was a technically totally unique and trend-setting consultancy. His infectious deep belief in the merit of Object-Orientation as the basis for providing main-stream, mission-critical business solutions better and faster than any other organization around at the time was key in helping us establish a real foot-hold in the Twin Cities. He combined solid technical roots with a real ability to communicate and persuade. Many of today's common-place technologies, development practices, and team organizational methodologies were a natural part of his future-looking, Innovative, and home-brewed skill set.
Steve Kenny, August 16, 2008
Dan inspires people. When we were physics majors together in college, he inspired the whole campus to adopt Ultimate (Frisbee), for which he is remembered to this day. Over the years, his bold career moves into new companies and emerging technologies have been an inspiration to me in my own career. A conversation with Dan invariably leaves you feeling your eyes have been opened to something new, exciting, and promising.
Doug Walker, August 31, 2007
Dan's ability to analyse, recommend and implement systems for the legal departments currrent and future needs at NSP made for a successful legal information system implementation and architechture that was later ported to other systems/database architecture as the company expanded and upgraded systems through the natural life cycles over ten years.
Mark Pelto, August 11, 2007
Working with Dan at his company Integrity Solutions was one of the best experience throughout my career. Dan always made sure employees at his company were given everything needed to do their jobs along with a great working enviroment. Dan's knowledge, skills and integrity were one of the reasons the company was so successful. If ever given the opportunity to work with Dan again, I would take it in a heartbeat!
Janice Bethke, June 13, 2007
Working in the same room as Dan was like riding in a Turbo Carrera with no brakes; you never knew where you were going to end up, but it was going to be an interesting trip. Dan is a visionary, the kind of guy every organization or team needs to put a goal, one worth shooting for, out in front of everyone else. A genuinely inspiring guy to work for.
Mitch Berg, February 7, 2007
At Integrity Solutions, Dan was a visionary, building the company from the group of 7 co-founders to over 70 people.
Pete Clark, July 24, 2005
Dan continues to deliver excellent education and technical services in all evolving EAI and Web Services technologies. His love and excitement for harnessing the power of next-generation paradigms for integration, and especially his deep understanding in the appropriate use of XML and Web Services, make him invaluable to any forward-thinking project.
Thomas Kooy, May 14, 2005
Excellent visionary and technical skills.
A. Chase Turner, March 10, 2004
Dan left mighty big shoes to fill when I started at NeXT. The company he founded was a valuable partner for both NeXT and a company I later worked with, Gage. Dan has the gift of deep technical insight into issues. At a time when it seemed that quick-and-dirty, superficial "solutions" were the fashion, he was a steadfast proponent of quality design--solutions with integrity, to be true to the name of the company he founded.
Ralph Foy, October 29, 2008
Dan is a deep technical expert who can speak English while playing Mozart. He was a sound partner who always helped out and whose work you could rely on to exceed your expectations. I hope to work with Dan again someday.
Gregor Bailar, January 25, 2007
Dan's calm and confident demeanor belied a highly technical sharply-focused mind. He excelled in solving complex problems for customers and met every challenge that one would expect in a Steve Jobs startup with gusto and enthusiasm. All of the field sales engineers loved to work with Dan. We relied heavily on his creative ideas and inspirational training sessions.
Norman Furlong, March 13, 2006
Dan was a great SME (subject matter expert) for me to consult about documentation issues. I was a tech writer in the ETA System V group, writing system administration docs, and he was always good for getting the information I needed. I value good knowledgeable sources when I find them. He was always one of the good ones. May 2, 2006
Roseanne Sullivan
Through the years Dan has been my first choice of the two or three people I regularly turn to for expertise in understanding and integrating technology opportunities with business needs. Dan has an unequalled perspective of strategic technology development in an ever changing and challenging environment, and can contribute a great deal of value - particularly in working closely with members of upper management.
David F. Calof, Principal In-Charge, LarsonAllen Technology Sector Industry Group
One of Dan's greatest strengths is his ability to translate complex technical issues into understandable terms for the average person.
Diane Murray, Minnesota Specialty Physicians
Dan's grasp of management, marketing and technology issues smoothes the entire process of building a crackerjack company. Dan provided leadership, communication and services that enabled the LarsonAllen marketing group to work effectively with the internal technology group to achieve the desired effect.
Lyne Noella, Chief Marketing Officer, LarsonAllen
Dan is a strategic thinker with a strong understanding of e-Business fundamentals. He contributed greatly to NetSource America's ability to conceptualize an integrated web portal that will allow our customers to manage their network from a central web-based dashboard.
Gregg Rudolph, President, NetSource America
Dan has the ability to take complex technology concepts and explain them in a way that makes it easy for everyone to understand.
Nancy Kaplan, Sr. Project Manager, LarsonAllen, October 12, 2011