Selected Papers and Articles by Dan McCreary

A Semantic Web Architecture for Advocate Agents to Determine Preferences and Facilitate Decision Making A peer reviewed paper presented at the Tenth International Conference on Electronic Commerce, August 18-22, 2008, Innsbruck Austria. Link to Citation on ACM Web Site

XRX: Simple, Elegant, Disruptive This is one of the most widely recognized articles introducing the XRX architecture. I wrote it in May of 2008 for O'Reilly publishing when Kurt Cagle was the editor.

Native XML Databases and RDF This is the "Side Car" architecture I proposed for web content management systems. It puts native XML databases at the center and suggests that you keep assertions about metadata directly in the XML content. RDF can be extracted when inference is needed. This refutes the widely held notion that you must create a triple store to store RDF. This architecture is being used by the BBC and the Mayo Clinic.

Generating XForms Applications using the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) An article I wrote for the IBM developerWorks in August of 2007 on how to transform NIEM XML Schemas directly into XForms using XSLT. A good example of model-driven design.

Building a Large Chart Ecosystem with AnyChart and Native XML Databases An article done for the AnyChart company about how declarative charting languages like AnyChart can be combined with native XML systems and XQuery to create very high-quality and cost-effective digital dashboard systems.

The ROI of XForms A guide for assessing the economic impact of enterprise XForms standards. An article I wrote for the IBM developerWorks in Dec. of 2007.

Using Native XML Systems to Manage Metadata An article I wrote for THE DATA ADMINISTRATION NEWSLETTER by ROBERT S. SEINER in November 2010.

Automate Metadata Extraction for Corporate Search and Mashups Article I wrote for DevX.

The Semantics of Declarative Systems This paper analyzes the current trend of custom applications built with a tightly woven fabric of interlocking declarative languages. I wrote this paper for the Semantic Technology Conference in May of 2007 in San Jose California. I liked this paper because it really synthesized many aspects of the XML stack into a coherent architecture strategy.

Entity Extraction and the Semantic Web Article on Apache UIMA and semantic web technologies.

Ten Pitfalls of Ontology Management An article I wrote for the DevX magazine.

K-12 Education Metadata and the NIEM A Case Study: Extending the National Information Exchange Model to Include K-12 Education I wrote for the Semantic Technology Conference in March 7th of 2006. This was a writeup of the work on No Child Left Behind metadata that was done for the Minnesota Departement of Education. It was one of my first OWL ontologies and I still frequently get requests for the OWL file by people building education ontologies. The one problem with the OWL file is that it only contained about 10% of the information that was in the metadata registry. But this was one of my first attempts at using semantic web technologies for metadata publishing. As of 2011 the US Department of Education still has not published an OWL file for their metadata although the CORE standards are being developed for NCLB assessments. You can get full conference materials including the slides here

Networking Unties the OS Development Knot
February 1988 ESD: The Electronic System Design Magazine

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