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These slides are an example of an XRX class that I taught in October of 2008. Many of the slides refer to examples in the XForms, XQuery or the XRX Wikibooks. You can also download the XRX example source code from Google Code if you have a Subversion client.

  1. Class Intro Introduction to XRX Concepts and overview of the XRX architecture.
  2. Review of XML and HTML Quick review of basics of XML and HTML for those new to these topics.
  3. Sequences Background on Sequences in XQuery
  4. oXygen How to setup and use the oXygen editor with eXist.
  5. XQuery Data Model Sequences, Items and XML Schema data types.
  6. Wikibook Overview I added this only because some classes did not have Internet connectivity.
  7. XPath Review of some XPath concepts.
  8. XQuery-Functions Introduction to XQuery functions and modules.
  9. Recursive Functions Overview of recursion for traversing tree structure data.
  10. Fulltext Searching Using the fulltext indexes created with eXist.
  11. Keyword Search Federated search with ranking and keyword-in-context display.
  12. Importing from Excel Importing data directly from Excel into XML using the oXygen import function.  We then run the single XML file through a splitter XQuery that creates individual files for each record.
  13. XForms Basics XForms Basics.
  14. XForms CRUDS Creating, Reading, Updating and Deleting and Searching with XRX.
  15. Styling XForms Using CSS to manage your XForms.
  16. Indexing eXist Creating indexes with eXist.
  17. XQuery Labs Solutions to some of the labs and exercises used in the class.

Localhost eXist Links - Links to lab solutions if you download the source to your eXist web server on localhost as well as links to Subversion code.

Zip File - all of the above in a single zip file.